Armourwall 300 CI-Armourwall 300 CI Krak-Shield

Armourwall 300 CI is an insulated standard stucco system and has a min. 3/4 inch total thickness - or thicker if required by a fire resistance rated or STC rated system and a maximum in accordance with ASTM C926 that include includes a layer of continuous insulation up to 2 inches. As an insulated stucco system, Armourwall 300 CI provides a durable exterior with an energy saving layer of continuous insulation. This use of continuous insulation covers "thermal breaks" in wall systems and significantly enhances any structure's insulative performance. This system utilizes a layer of continuous insulation and either Armourwall Stucco Base Concentrate or Armourwall Stucco Base Sanded. A range of Parex finish and coating options can be applied over the stucco base with varying levels of warranty coverage dependent on the type of either finish or coating selected. Armourwall 300 CI is a superior energy efficient choice over field mix stucco as the contents for the system are quality controlled ensuring a precise mix every time.