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Parex is the industry leader in CI, Stucco, and Architectural Coatings & Finish Systems. The offering spans a wide range of uses and benefits to meet the needs of any new or renovation based project. With numerous features including energy efficiency, design versatility, easy maintenance to name a few. See below for further information on the types of systems we offer.

An extremely energy efficient, light weight cladding that is versatile in design. From providing a true stucco look to realistically mimicking stone, brick, and other exterior claddings, CI can wrap almost any structure in a blanket of insulation. This allows building owners to obtain the look and feel they desire yet enjoy the operating benefits of low energy costs. Additionally, as a light weight cladding, CI allows building designers to reduce the structural requirements, and thus costs, in designing a building. Whether the project is new construction or the renovation of an existing building the design and energy benefits of CI make this cladding an ideal solution.

For both new construction and renovation, Parex USA Panelized Systems offer a tremendous range of design flexibility. Panelization and Modular Construction has continued to grow in popularity in the Construction marketplace. Offering advantages in Quality Control and Time Savings, Panelized Assemblies using Parex USA Systems incorporate code-compliant Continuous Insulation assemblies including Parex USA Air/ Water Resistive Barriers, and Thin Veneer Systems. Parex USA Panel Systems offer many advantages including fast track project scheduling, integrated project delivery, increased Quality Control, and Value. Finish options for Parex USA Panels include all the available finishes from the Parex USA family, including Aquasol and Standard DPR Finishes, Stone Finishes, Metallic Coatings, and also the designers choice of Thin Brick, Tile, or Thin Stone Veneers. Contact our Technical department for additional information at (800) 226-2424.

Stucco is a long stranding traditional exterior cladding and for good reason. Stucco is an economical to install and provides a hard and tough barrier for the exterior of a structure. Parex offers the Armourwall family of stucco assemblies to with a number of different features to meet the needs of building owners. From enhanced moisture protection to improved crack suppression, Parex Armourwall stucco solutions allow building owners to select the correct stucco assembly to best match stucco design and performance with their economical needs.

Parex USA offers a number of Water-Resistive Barrier products to meet various design needs. Known as our WeatherTech WRBs these products are all liquid applied and also act as an air barrier. Liquid applied barriers are superior as there is no risk of rips or tears which can significantly compromise the effectiveness of typical building papers. These product also have the added benefit of being an air barrier. Significant amounts of energy can be lost in a structure purely by the escape and intrusion of air. This decreases the energy required to maintain the desired temperature which saves money. The US Department of Energy estimates that uncontrolled air leakage can account for 30% or more of a buildings energy losses.

Parex offers a number of different assemblies that can go over a wide range of substrates to best meet the desired aesthetic. From simple solutions of simply applying Parex finishes and coatings to premium options that allow for surface leveling and crack suppression Parex has an ACF solution. These solutions can make any number of drab and boring exterior substrates into attractive and aesthetically pleasing.

Variance Specialty Finishes is a brand of Parex USA, Inc., the largest stucco/EIFS manufacturer in the US, operating manufacturing facilities across the U.S. Together, these resources strengthen the Variance commitment to being the single, most complete source of decorative wall finishes in the United States.

Masonry Veneer Systems are high end installations to combine the look of tile, brick or stone with the performance of CI and Stucco assemblies. MVS provides the largest range or applications they are available over Continuous Insulation (MVS-CI), Stucco (MVS-Standard), Cement Board (MVS-CB), CMU and Concrete (MVS-CMU); all backed by a one source warranty. MVS is easy to apply systems that provide a permanent freeze-thaw stable bond and a natural fit and accent to your facade project with a built-in moisture protection component that will protect your the system.

Cement Board assemblies for exterior finishes are a quick and economical way to achieve a stucco appearance. Using cement board as the substrate allows applicators to quickly prepare a wall to receive base coat and then finish. Cement board also allows the additional benefit of not having to stop work for a number days to allow the wall to "cure". This is an especially critical feature for those parts of the country where humidity and temperature can slow down "cure" times.